The Schwab Speaks with Dickie V–On Everything But College Hoops!

So…today The Schwab Spoke with Dick Vitale on everything BUT college hoops. Instead, they talked about some of Dick’s other sports passions…Tampa Bay Bucs, Tampa Bay Rays, Notre Dame football as well as some childhood memories of being a Yankees fan.  CsR-e_vWcAAQr_u


The Schwab Speaks (with better audio) on The Whirling Darvish, the Dodgers & other trades, NFL early retirements & camps, Jameis Winston, oh and some Beano Cook memories.


Will Yu Darvish take the Dodgers all the way? Should the Astros have done more? Was John Urschel, the Raven who took early retirement to pursue a PhD at MIT, the last true recruit of the tragic Joe Paterno? A few Beano Cook memories, the late, great college football analyst, particularly on his interview with a Heisman Trophy winner who turned down the NFL…and more.